Elites Club

The Elites Club, is a showcase of photos, from the NatureGraphy​ group on Facebook, that were Liked 500 times or more.

It’s a place very few make it into, but once you’re in, you’re in the history books as a NatureGraphy Elite member.

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Elite Nature Photographers

  1. Sharon Finnegan Young
  2. Russ Bridges
  3. Jeff Kahn
  4. Duncan McNaught
  5. Karen Peterson
  6. Arthur Iannelli
  7. Yvonne-Roger Stacey
  8. Nick Kerosky
  9. James Shedden
  10. Timothy McIntyre
  11. Robin Rhyne Greenlee
  12. Tom Pindell
  13. Brendan Daly
  14. Kathleen Howard