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Be Life Magazine Sample #2 "Family Matters"
Be Life Magazine Sample “Family Matters”

Well done! Great to get to know you all a bit better!

Naturegraphers, I can’t imagine the time and effort these admins put into maintaining a professional, nice looking site. The hours alone put into organizing contests is crazy! When we were discussing the possibility of a BE Life contest, Rafael’s main concern was that things were done professionally and with integrity.

He requested the cash prize ahead of time- prize in hand, so not to disappoint the NP winner if we were working on the shady side :) lol I admire that his concern was for the protection of his group.

He was excited to have sponsorship to help out his group members with photography costs! (yes I mention Rafael De Armas because that is who we dealt with, but I realize it was a group admin effort who helped supply the same care and attention). Give your admins a pat on the back! They deserve it. – ‎Tara-Lynn Barks‎ 

Website: Be Life Magazine

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