Team Guidelines

NatureGraphy terms and conditions, and guidelines also apply to all NatureGraphy team members in all positions.

As a NatureGraphy team member, it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions and group guidelines. Updates will be announced.

Member relations between administrators and moderators is an essential element in operating a successful and cooperative community.

Therefore all administrators and moderators must follow these guidelines:

  1. When addressing fellow team members and/or member, remember we are an all ages group. Do not use directive language where it may be perceived as rude or disrespect. The best form of service quality starts with formal engagement language while still upholding terms and guidelines.
  2. If a member is violating a rule and/or guideline, do not address them publicly. Issue warning and/or disciplinary action(s) through private message.
  3. Administrators and moderators must not abuse privileges and duties. Members have an option to appeal or address a complaint against disciplinary actions taken upon them by a team member. Such actions may or may not be revoked, with or without notice to administrator or moderator, but will be addressed through private message.

To file a complaint, email

These guidelines will be updated periodically and accordingly.

Updated: 01-14-2018 at 5:01 AM EST