Team Members

NatureGraphy Group team members are passionate photography and nature enthusiast’s, dedicated in keeping the group positive and productive, for all ages/skill levels.

Rafael De Armas

Rafael De Armas

Rafael De Armas

Email: rafael@naturegraphy.com

Born in 1982 and raised in the city streets of New York City, Rafael De Armas was always intrigued by the beauty of nature. As a youth he was able to taste a bit of nature in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Here, his love for wildlife and everything nature ignited. His pursuit of nature and God evolved into the founding of NatureGraphy.

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Cynthia Clayton


Cynthia Clayton (Admin Leader)

Email: cynthia@naturegraphy.com

I was into nature from my childhood. I spent most of my days roaming on our farm . I didn’t get into photography until 1982, afterward we moved to Arizona. Then I spent my days exploring all and doing photography.


Dannie Brown (Mod)

Email: dannie@naturegraphy.com

Website: Solivagant Expressions

Growing up in the mountains of Massachusetts and swamplands of Florida has instilled me with a great love of nature. My interest in photography also began at a young age later leading to it being my major in college. Today I use both of my passions to try to bring awareness to conservation efforts.

Rosa Mickles Harris


Rosa Mickles Harris (Admin)

Email: cowkillerv@bellsouth.net

I have loved nature since I was a little girl. Wildlife, plants/flowers and insects are my favorite. Nature is me.

Rich Soby


Rich Soby (Mod)

Email: rsphotography@comcast.net

Growing up in small town in Massachusetts I was surrounded by woods and farm land. Spent many a childhood day roaming around them often times from just after breakfast and not coming home until dinner or after dark.

This has always been where I feel most at home. In the woods or near the water. Photography was a hobby I dabbled with back then but it wasn’t until my later years that I started getting back into it on a serious level. I love taking an early morning or afternoon walk around my local conservation areas and the challenges of photographing nature and wildlife.

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Jim Caris


Jim Caris (Mod)

Email: jccaris53@gmail.com

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania and I have always loved nature, but only in the last 10 years have I enjoyed photographing it! I love birds and butterflies, but taking pictures of bald eagles at Conowingo Dam is my favorite.