Team Members

NatureGraphy/Nature Photographers Group team members are passionate photography and nature lovers, dedicated in keeping the group positive and productive, for all ages.

Cynthia Clayton


Cynthia Clayton (Mod Leader)


I was into nature from my childhood. I spent most of my days roaming on our farm . I didn’t get into photography until 1982, afterward we moved to Arizona. Then I spent my days exploring all and doing photography.

Rafael De Armas


Rafael De Armas (Founder/Admin)


Rafael De Armas‘ passion for God and wildlife inspired him to learn photography, becoming a professional Nature Photographer and start the Nature Photographers Group.

Rafael De Armas on LinkedIn

Jerry Coyle


Jerry Coyle (Mod)


I have always lived in the country. My love for the countryside, forest, waters, and wildlife within it, is second to none. It was my love for nature and wildlife that inspired my passion for photography. I began back in high school with film, and have continued on with the progression into digital. NatureGraphy/Nature Photographers Group, inspires me even more!




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