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White-tailed Deer Family Portriat 1

White-tailed Deer Family Portriat

This amazing White-tailed Deer photograph was taken on my way back to my hotel, after leaving Silver Springs, Florida. I spotted them on my right, riding down a road. I asked my driver to pull over, hoping that they would be there after making a u-turn.

With a little luck they were still there. I approached the three deers slowly, not to startle them. While raising the camera, the father (Left Deer) noticed my movement first, then with a little wag of his tail, he alerted the young deer (Middle Deer) and the mother (Right Deer). At the very moment the three White-tailed deer looked at me I took the photo.

My heart pumped fast with excitement, thinking to myself, “I just captured an awesome White-tailed deer family portrait.”

Three White-tailed Deer

Three White-tailed Deer near Silver Springs, Florida

Something scared them and before I can blink they ran off, but not before the father looked back at me. Giving me one last memory to capture.

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