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BE Life Magazine Sponsored Front Cover Contest-Win up to $500

Enter your photos for Top Photo AND a CHANCE to win a front cover showcase and Up to $500 for your Nature Photographers Group photo!

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*IMPORTANT “Front cover quality wildlife and scenery” or “Summer Unique Photo” Summer issue Cover contest. Wildlife Mama’s with summer babies, Summer Wildlife Family groupings, or unique summer.

*Duration of contest: 1 week for summer issue.

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1) Guaranteed prize for Top photo is $50. May be used on front cover of BE Life Magazine.

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Photo Copyright: Jerry Coyle


Mountain Landscape Photography Contest

Mountain Landscape Photography Contest

Here’s our first Nature Photographers Group contest, hosted on NatureGraphy.

In this contest, the focus is mountain landscape photographs.

Contest Rules

1. One entry per member

2. No animals

3. Mountain must be visible in landscape photo.

4. Post photos to the Facebook group here: Nature Photographers Group with hashtag #mountainbeauty (Winners will be annonced on NatureGraphy)

Photo Copyright: Chuck Schneebeck

North Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Here are my latest North Eastern Lubber Grasshopper photographs, using the Galaxy S5 as my lens for nature photography.

North Eastern Lupper Grasshopper

Adult Lubber Grasshopper on wooden pole

While walking my dogs, I had an opportunity to finally see an adult lubber grasshopper.

Adult North Eastern Lupper Grasshopper

Adult Lubber Grasshopper hugging a leaf stem

The adult lubber grasshopper has a yellow-orange shell and is twice the size of a juvenile lupper.

Juvenile North Eastern Lupper Grasshopper

Juvenile Lubber Grasshopper enjoying some sun

A juvenile North Eastern Lubber Grasshopper is mostly black with yellow lines and orange-red legs.

Juvenile North Eastern Lupper Grasshopper #2

Juvenile Lubber Grasshopper climbing leaves

A few other things I’ve learned from friends. The Lubber Grasshopper loves to eat up gardens and fields. They are mostly active during the night and will have little to no activity or movement during the day. Last but not least, according to a good friend of mine (Cynthia Clayton), if you pick one up it will make a weird noise and juice drops from its mouth.

Baby North Eastern Lupper Grasshopper

Baby Lubber Grasshopper on fence pole

If you know anything else about the North Eastern Lubber Grasshopper or suggest corrections to this post, share it in the comment section below.