Robin Rudolph

  • Title – Through the Woods
    Description – I fell in love with this photo – so silent and dark – but I am not sure I have done the mood justice as I have lightened up a few areas. Also I added a few blues, greys and purples rather than just keeping it black and white. I am also not sure if I could have done more but decided to keep it as is.
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  • Title – Red Shouldered Hawk
    Description – Fell in love with the eyes and expression on this hawks face. I tried out Colour Pencil Picker app for selecting colours and it was very helpful.
    Medium – Caran d’ache luminance, Prisma black for pupil, a touch of Faber-Castell Pitt Pens or the eyes, Panpastel background
    Paper & Size – Strathmore Bristol…
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  • Title – Mr Grumpy (or Angry Frog)
    Description – Fell in love with this angry little fella – he just looks like I feel sometimes – grumpy and fed up haha. I used the app Arty to find the polychromos colours and it really helped with getting closer to the colours of the photo and to add to the realism, of course I still layered from light to dark…
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  • Title – Beneficent Gaze
    Description – I fell in love with the gentle gaze on this birds face and just had to draw her. It took many days to get her to this point and I am calling it done.
    Medium – Holbein Coloured Pencils, FB white, Prisma Black, Faber-Castell Pitt Pen for eye, Derwent coloursoft, Prismas, gamsol to blend cp on the background and…
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  • Title – The Sprinter
    Description – Normally I don’t do bugs but this photo so intrigued me. This Cardinal Meadowhawk Dragonfly looked so much like a human sprinter about to take off from the blocks that I just had to draw him. I even did a colour background!! I hope I have done the photo justice.
    Medium – Prismacolor Premier, Prismacolor Verit…
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    Title – Reflections
    Description – This is my second attempt at re-creating the amazing photo by Brent Knoll, but this time on black paper and I am much happier with the result. I just hope I have done the photo justice.
    Medium – Prismacolor Premier, Prismacolor Verithins, Zest it, Pan Pastel for the Great Egret and its reflection.
    Paper & Size – S…
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    Many thanks

  • Title – Dahlia
    Description – Loved the colours in the centre of this flower. Just hope I have done it justice. Decided not to do background as flower stands well on its own (and I didn’t want to ruin it haha)
    Medium – Prismacolor Premier
    Paper & Size – Strathmore Bristol smooth 300 series, 9×12”
    Reference – Photo by Roy Kelley used with his ge…
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  • Many thanks!!

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      Many thanks!!

    • Title – Purple Throated Carib
      Description – Just loved the colouring of this bird. Really struggled with the vellum paper as it is so rough and coloured pencils do not flow well over it. So I threw different mediums at it and eventually was fairly pleased with the result, especially with the black breast of the bird which is so velvety in the ref…
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