Group Guidelines

1. This is a no-share group, do not share any photo from this group, unless you ask and are given permission to do so from the owner.
2. Do not intentionally bump posts. What does bump mean? Do not reply “Thank you” repeatedly to comments left on your post. Reply more creatively and differently to each comment.  What does Bumping mean?
3. If you have a question, use the group’s search feature to check if your question has been asked and/or answered.
4. Remember this group is also a club. Being a member is a privilege.
5. This is an “all ages” group. Please be respectful to each other and the administrators. Attitudes, cursing, bickering and/or sarcasm are not tolerated. You will be blocked and banned immediately.
6. Do not use language like, “I think I speak for everyone,” or “everyone disagrees,” in your posts/comments.
7. Grievances and suggestions should be sent to any Team Member by private message. https://naturegraphy.com/staff-team-members/
8. If you’re a Nature Photographer looking for new clients, we advise that you allow people to private message you. Location: Settings/Privacy/Who Can Contact Me/Everyone.

*Any violation to these guidelines may result in a ban.

Updated: 9/30/17 at 3:46PM EST