Wading through Fishkill Creek and Vernal pools Hopewell Jct,NY. April 2018.

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    Laurie Ann Hogan

      There has been a lot of flooding where I go for my backpacking in the woods so I finally got to use my thigh high waders. At first, I was afraid that they might not work properly and water would leak through the waders but they worked out fine. There were areas of the creek and vernal pools where the mud was so soft that my waders would sink down so deep into the mud. This forced me to really pull my waders up with such force that I almost lost my balance several times on several occasions. Although, there was a day when I went to turn in a different direction, while wading through the creek, that I fell on my bottom. I was shocked but I quickly got back on my feet. One day it had rained heavy all day and when I went wading the following day I was in for a surprise. I eventual got to a point where I had to stop because the water was higher than my thigh high waders and I didn’t feel like getting wet because it wasn’t that warm out. I decided to get a pair of chest waders so I could go in deeper water and continue my journey of capturing wildlife on photos and film, when the creek and vernal pools are flooded.

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