Macroburst in Hopewell Jct,NY, May 15, 2018.

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    Laurie Ann Hogan

    On May 15, 2018 there were two tornadoes and a macroburst that hit the Hudson Valley. I live in Hopewell Jct, NY and we had the macroburst which produced strong winds and thunderstorms passed through between 3 and 4 p.m.. The electricity went out around 4:30 but luckily we have a gas stove which I was able to continue cooking dinner but in the dark. There were downed trees all over our area and the people who live on the street above us had a tree fall on their house but luckily no one was hurt and the roof sustained minimal damage. My son,mother and I decided to eat dinner out on Wednesday, after we saw the local electric company working in our neighborhood, we were hoping that after we were done eating that the electricity would be back on. We were lucky because our electricity was back on while we were out eating and getting my mother her Dunkin Donuts other people were not so lucky. Some of the population would not get their electricity back on till the weekend. I didn’t get to go backpacking until Friday because of the constant rainy conditions from Tuesday till Thursday. I decided to purchase a rain coat and rain pants to go backpacking in so I won’t be missing anymore days of backpacking/hiking. There were a lot of downed trees, limbs and flooding in the woods. There were two large trees that feel across the trail I backpack/hike on. On Monday, May14 , I spotted a barred owl flying from tree to tree so I decided to photograph it but I noticed that it kept flying into trees that were close to me. Then I looked to my left and in a dead tree’s limb I saw a barred owlet so I took many photos of her/him. When the storm hit I was worried that the owlet would not make it so when I went out on Friday I was pleasantly surprised to see that the barred owlet was still alive.

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