Flooded Trailway

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    Laurie Ann Hogan

    This is the time of year when there is a lot of flooding in the woods but this year I am prepared. I have Muck boots that allow me to wade through water that is knee deep but for deeper water I have my new thigh high waders. I hope the new waders are up to the challenge of wading through deep creek and vernal pools I plan on trying them out this month. I wanted to wait till the weather was above freezing for fear of getting frost bite or hypothermia, just in case, the waders should happen to have a hole in them. I want to film and photograph the aquatic life that exists in the vernal pools and the Fishkill creek. I have been wading across the less wider parts of the creek and smaller vernal pools but I want to go into the deeper parts of the creek there I am hoping to find beavers, possibly otters and other wildlife that inhabit the creek. I had to cross over by way of trees that have since fallen over parts of the creek. I have a fear of falling but I push myself to cross over the dead fallen trees by holding onto a long tree limb that steadies me as I make my way across the tree. I have to do that twice so I have two different long tree limbs to help me across. I make sure to place them where I can find them when I come back into the woods.

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