$50 Cashprize Wildlife Photography Contest – Ending 2/13/18

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    Join our second wildlife photography contest, for your chance to win a $50 USD cashprize, payable to the selected winner through PayPal.

    Our last winner was Laurie Clayton, with her Pelican Choir photo. Who will it be this go around…

    This second cash photography contest aims to be quick, easy and simple. We are also adding an extra week to allow others more time to join.

    Contest Rules:

    1. Register on this site and follow the link we send you, by email, to activate your free NatureGraphy member account or use Facebook Connect on the registration page to register.

    2. Log-in and Return to this topic and submit your photo, using the reply box below.

    3. One photo submission per member.

    4. Add a few words about your photo, including the species name and location.

    Looking to increase your chance of winning? Check-out our Contest GuidelinesGuidelines and remember to follow the rules.

    That’s it!

    *Last day to submit your entry is February 12, 2018.

    *Winner will be announced and prize will be awarded, through PayPal, February 13, 2018.

    Note: Make sure to use desktop-mode on mobile/tablet browsers or a computer to upload your entry photo.


    Norman J Nichols

    Elephant Seal coming ashore , near Piedra’s Blanca’s CaliforniaElephant Seal


    Laura Knechtel

    Eurasian Collared-DovesEurasian Collared-Doves having a tender moment.  Taken in my yard...Naples, Florida having a tender moment.  Photo taken in my yard…Naples, Florida.


    Les Greenwood

    A soaring Eagle in Vero Beach, Florida


    Fran Martine

    Squirrel Fight !! Milford, PA


    Michele Gabris

    Marsh WrenMarsh Wren
    Harrison Twp. MI
    In the early evening as the sun begins its drop into the western sky, Point Rosa Marsh is thunderous with songs from the resident marsh wrens and other swamp life hidden deep within the safety of the dense cattail reeds. Scanning my surroundings for any movement in hopes to catch a glimpse of this shielded noise maker, I am quickly rewarded with an acrobatic show of agility as he balances between two reeds and calls to his mate. His call is answered breaking the moment and he flies back into the comfort of his surroundings. All that remains is the thundering melody of nature deep inside the bog.


    Jason Robbins

    American Kestrel at Willow lake in Prescott, Arizona.  A mighty tiny raptorAmerican Kestrel, a mighty tiny raptor at Willow lake in Prescott, Arizona


    Mary Madden


    Christina Carlson

    Male Iguana in mating colors expelling water from nasal glands, Key West, Florida


    Leonora Bridges

    Young Six Point Buck in Velvet, Ferrum, Virginia.  If you look closely, you can see a fly sitting on top of his antlers.  Young Six Point Buck, Ferrum, Virginia


    Finding a Great Horned Owl nest is amazing!! Photographing the owlets and the adults are a thrill! I stood waiting for almost 2 hours for this Great Horned (mom) to fly back to the nest. I would of gladly waited longer to see, let alone capture such an amazing bird!

    Great Horned Owl taken in Cape Coral Florida


    Ross Knowlton

    “It’s a frog-eat-frog world.”  Taken on 7/23/16 in northern Maine.  Nature isn’t always pretty.  I was out photographing frogs early in the morning and just as I was getting ready to pack up, “SPLASH!”  A large American Bullfrog was jumping all over the place, frantically, with another frog’s legs sticking out of its mouth.  It took about five minutes for the frog to get the legs down, making grunts and strange faces the entire time.  I’m guessing that the smaller frog had simply moved too close to the larger frog and the larger frog took the opportunity for a meal.


    Laurie Clayton

    Bear Cub SelfieSometimes one has to go out to seek nature and at others times nature comes to your back door. This is a cinnamon colored black bear cub who lived in a field below our house in Leavenworth, WA from the early spring of 2017 until it was time for hibernation late this fall. He showed up as a very small cub and we never did see a mother with him. We had the pleasure of watching him grow for the whole season as well as change color from this beautiful cinnamon color to almost completely black with just touches of the cinnamon color around his face. One day when I was out on our deck I saw him sneaking up from the bottom of the field and went right to the game camera with have set up….. he was very curious about this human object at the edge of his field and the smells…I was lucky enough to be there at the right time and had my camera waiting on the table and was able to snap a few shots. This photo was taken on June 14, 2017 in Leavenworth, WA.


    Cindy Vasko

    American Bald Eagle battle for a fish at Conowingo Dam, Maryland American Bald Eagle Battle for a fish


    Dianne Walters

    Glossy Ibis at Harris Neck National Wildlife RefugeGlossy Ibis

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