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Reply To: In the Name of Progress


Laurie Ann Hogan

    Now the utility company is clearing the other side of the newly cleared field which is where I enter/exit. They have been clearing brush and small trees along a long stretch of land from my entrance/exit point. I had to leave an hour earlier and enter/exit from another location in the woods and that was just this past week but since they don’t do that type of work on the weekend I can enter/exit using my original location and leave my original time. My entrance/exit area looks very bare and has changed from its original appearance which was densely covered with various bushes,grasses and plants. They are clearing out the territory of a bobcat that hunts and lives in that general area that is located outside of the woods. I have seen the bobcat twice the first time was in late September of 2017 in the early morning while I was out hiking. I spotted something just sitting there on the dirt trail I couldn’t make it out at first. After three minutes, and I was closer I realized it was a bobcat I quickly took out my camera and turned it on but when I tried to photograph him/her she/he took off in the opposite direction. I was disappointed but kept hiking towards the entrance of the woods but something caught my attention on my right side before I hiked into the woods. I noticed quick back and forth movement at first I thought it was a black snake rising up but then I thought it couldn’t be, so then I let my eyes wander a little further from there and spotted the bobcat sitting on her/his hind legs and staring at me. I realized I must of been looking at his/her tail whipping around and he/she was breathing heavy and fast. I was scared and excited at the same time so I said in a stern voice “You better leave me alone!’ that’s when the bobcat got up and ran in the opposite direction of the woods. I thought after the bobcat left I should have taken pictures of her/him what a dummy I was not to take advantage of that great opportunity I vowed if I ever saw that bobcat again I wouldn’t make that same mistake again. I usually hike up three very steep trails, that are located next to each other, at the very beginning of my backpacking/hiking but since they have been working in that area I have to leave an hour earlier and use a different location so I wind up backpacking the trails later. One morning, I was backpacking one of the steep trails and spotted the bobcat laying on the trail and he/she didn’t notice me until I turned my camera on. She/he quickly looked down at me wide eyed I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by me so I took several photos of the bobcat before he/she decided it was time for him/her to get up and leave. As he/she was leaving it quickly looked back at me a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t following her/him. I knew why the cat was still awake it was because the men were destroying his/her hunting and home territory at that particular time. I couldn’t help but feel sad for the bobcat because humans were destroying his territory and he/she had to stay away from their property.