Contributor Guidelines

NatureGraphy offers Nature Lovers and Photography beginners, amateurs or professionals an open platform to share their photos and stories at no cost. In order to keep NatureGraphy friendly, we do require that authors follow these simple guidelines:

1. NatureGraphy welcomes all ages, which includes minors. No foul language whatsoever, violators will be banned from using NatureGraphy immediately, no exceptions.

2. As a contributor you are allowed to post images, writings, videos and portfolios. In an effort to give other photographers a chance at exposure, NatureGraphy limits you to three postings, within a 24 hour period.

3. NatureGraphy would like to keep the content available at a high standard. NatureGraphy reserves the right to remove and/or edit any content published without warning.

4. Images uploaded to NatureGraphy cannot exceed 512kb and videos cannot exceed 50mb.

5. As a NatureGraphy contributor, you have the privilege to publish and edit your content. You also have the right to delete it, if you choose so. You own the copyright, it’s yours and will always be yours.

6. Plagiarism is unacceptable, any contributor found to commit plagiarism will be banned from NatureGraphy, indefinitely and face any legal consequences, at the copyright holders discretion.

Q: How do I become a NatureGraphy contributor?

A: Send a Request to become a NatureGraphy contributor with your real name and email using our contact form: Contact Us.