Contest Guidelines

Looking to win one of 5 contest categories on NatureGraphy? Here’s information that will help you submit better nature photographs, increasing your chances of winning.

The first tip and probably the most important one is, always think:


“how will my shot look to a viewer, not a fellow photographer?”


NatureGraphy is an online publishing platform with an audience of 30,000+ people worldwide.

Contest Guidelines

High Quality Content

We pride ourselves because we care about quality and presentation for our viewers. High quality content includes, original images with 2048px resolution preferably but no less than 960px, horizontal​ or vertical. Lower resolutions do not look appealing to our viewers.


We encourage all photographers to watermark their photos, not because of unauthorized use but because it’s your opportunity to advertise your brand for free.

You are working toward building a fan base, right? Being a NatureGraphy member means, you have 5 chances each day to continue to increase your fan base.

But here are some reasons why the team won’t select your photo as a winner:

1. Implemented with text, images or colors in a distracting way.

2. Overlayed over main subject in a distracting way.

3. Other promotions other than yourself.

Resubmitting the same photo

Yes, you can resubmit the same photo as long as it hasn’t won a contest already but there’s a waiting period before the photo can qualify to win. The current wait period is 90 days.

Nature Stories

We use photo captions on NatureGraphy and we dedicate this space to share the words you added to your post in the group. Choose what you write wisely. Include the name of the subject, where it was taken and any notes you have about the story behind the shot. A good photo and great story increases your chance of winning.

Good luck,

Team NatureGraphy