Great Blue Heron Adventure

Great Blue Heron

My Great Blue Heron adventure started on June 30th, 2014. An employee at the hotel I was staying noticed I was a nature photographer. He mentioned that it was early in the year, but a Heron laid an egg and showed me the nest. Immediately I fell in love with it. At first glance, I knew its entire existence was […]

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Capturing the Sunrise


I love getting up early to capture the sunrise. While waiting for the sun to peak above the clouds, I hear the morning birds singing. It’s a moment that makes you appreciate living. The cool air warms as the shine readjusts your eye’s view, extending a hand to cover them. I hear a squirrel in the distance chewing on a nut. […]

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Beauty in a toppled tree

Toppled Tree

During my trip to Faver Dykes state park I came across this toppled tree. At first I made nothing of it, until the clouds suddenly uncovered the sun and light highlighted the area. My original Toppled Tree photograph can be purchased for print, blogs, magazines and literature on High Quality Nature Photos.

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Mushrooms Resemble Human Teeth

Mushroom Teeth

Mushrooms come in all colors, shapes and sizes, but part of these white mushrooms I photographed in Silver Springs, Florida, resemble human teeth. I like to find a bit of mankind in nature because it signifies the relationship we have with Mother Earth. As if she tries to create her own natural portraits of the human body from time to […]

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