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If you enjoy taking or viewing photos of nature and wildlife, from all over the world, you found the right nature photography group. NatureGraphy offers its members a chance to meet nature enthusiasts and photographers. You can learn tips, ask questions and share your own photos, for extra exposure by getting published by us, regardless of skill level and equipment.

The group suits all ages, so the whole family can enjoy the excitement nature offers. Our members post magnificent photos and periodically, NatureGraphy hosts contests; some of which may contain prizes. Our nature loving members enjoy an all access pass of a variety of nature photos, shared daily. Currently, there are more than 80,000 nature photos for your viewing pleasure.


Our mission is to inspire nature photographers and create a nature-loving online environment.


Our Official Facebook page: NatureGraphy

NatureGraphy was founded in 2015, with the belief that both nature-lover and photographer can coexist with one another. The story is simple: If you enjoy taking or viewing photos of nature and wildlife, from all over the world, NatureGraphy is the group to join. NatureGraphy was built to work for you.


Definition of Naturegraphy

noun: Naturegraphy
: the art and practice of producing nature photographs.

Official NatureGraphy Logo
Official NatureGraphy Logo

We recommend that you follow all of our social media accounts, including the group’s official website before you forget to do so later.


Founder/CEO – Rafael De Armas

Admin/Editor – Stephanie De Armas

Admin – Cynthia Clayton

Mod – Dannie Brown

Mod – Rich Soby

Mod – Jim Caris

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