About NatureGraphy

The #1 NATURE GROUP with the best nature photos from around the world!

If you enjoy taking or viewing photos of nature and wildlife, from all over the world, you found the right group. NatureGraphy offers its members a chance to meet nature lovers and photographers. You can learn tips, ask questions and share photos for some extra exposure, regardless of skill level. The group suits all ages so the whole family can enjoy the excitement nature offers. Our members post magnificent photos that are entered into contests. Periodically, NatureGraphy hosts contests; some of which may contain prizes. Our nature loving members enjoy an all access variety of nature photos, shared daily. Currently, there are more than 50,000 nature photos, with many more shared daily, for your viewing pleasure.

Our mission is to affect positive change through endangered species awareness campaigns. Our goal is aimed in getting people around the world, especially in developed cities, interested and involved with nature through photography, hence NatureGraphy!


Here are some resources to get you acquainted with what NatureGraphy is about, our rules, social media networks and the administration.

We recommend that you follow all of our social media accounts, including the group’s official website before you forget to do so later. ;)

About NatureGraphy: https://naturegraphy.com/about-naturegraphy/
Official Group Website: https://naturegraphy.com
Company Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealNatureGraphy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fbnaturegroup
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NatureGraphy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fbnaturegroup/


Founder/Owner – Rafael De Armas
Admin – Stephanie De Armas
Admin – Cynthia Clayton
Admin – Jerry Coyle
Mod – Dannie Brown
Mod – Rich Soby
Mod – David P David


1. Please report posts that break the rules.
2. As a member, it is your responsibility to read the Group Rules & Guidelines.
3. Any member that breaks any rule or guideline will be immediately banned. No questions asked. No second chances.
4. Members that are banned will lose access to the group in its entirety and will have to wait one year to rejoin the group.
5. Any changes or updates to the Group Rules & Guidelines will be announced.


1. Post only your own photos, LIMIT of up to 5 photos per post and ONLY 5 posts per day. This means, 25 photos a day, in multiples of 5. Therefore, your post album should only consist of 5 photos.
2. Each photo uploaded to the group is automatically entered into the group’s contests, hosted on https://NatureGraphy.com.
3. Nature photos shared directly from your personal photographer’s Facebook page is OK. You must own the photo and page. Photos shared from a personal page will not be eligible for contests and events or other activities. Therefore, if you do not want to participate in any of our contests, but still want to share your work, share your photo from your personal photographer’s Facebook page.
4. Please do not post links as a post. Post your photo, then add your link and ask people to look at your work.
5. Zoo photos are allowed. Zoo MUST BE credited properly, and must not violate Rule #6.
6. Do not post photos of animals abused or neglected by humans, advertising links to products/services, third-party/non-affiliated contests, or nude photos.
7. The focus of the NatureGraphy group is nature and wildlife. Do not post city streets or “selfies.”
8. Photos of pets are no longer allowed as they are considered domesticated and not wildlife. This rule applies to ALL types of domesticated animals.
9. Absolutely, no politics. This includes political statements, links, photos, etc. Violators will be banned.
10. Do not post composite photos.


1. This is a no-share group, do not share any photo from this group, unless you ask and are given permission to do so from the owner.
2. Do not intentionally bump posts. What does bump mean? Answer: https://m.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=720435407992242
3. If you have a question, use the group’s search feature to check if your question has been asked and/or answered.
4. Remember this group is also a club. Being a member is a privilege.
5. This is an “all ages” group. Please be respectful to each other and the administrators. Attitudes, cursing, bickering and/or sarcasm are not tolerated. You will be blocked and banned immediately.
6. Do not use language like, “I think I speak for everyone,” or “everyone disagrees,” in your posts/comments.
7. Grievances and suggestions should be sent to any Team Member by private message. https://naturegraphy.com/staff-team-members/
8. If you’re a Nature Photographer looking for new clients, we advise that you allow people to private message you. Location: Settings/Privacy/Who Can Contact Me/Everyone.