Editor’s Choice: Creativity & Beautiful Whites

American Bullfrog by Ross Knowlton

Creativity is in the eye’s of the beholder and nature photographer Ross Knowlton put the world in an American Bullfrog’s eye. It’s great when a photographer pushes the boundaries, capturing a subject but using the element’s around them, making an ordinary photo spectacular.

Winter Mist by Christian Lindsten

We immediately fell-in-love with the show of white depth in this winter mist photo, by nature photographer Christian Lindsten. White can be a bit difficult for a beginning photographer, usually blowing highlights through too much exposure. The stream leads to the mist but she captures the transparency through to the trees, giving the overall capture beautiful depth.

Australian gannet by Nancy Elwood

Perfection is very hard to achieve with a moving subject. The slightest change of light can render your exposure compensation setting incorrect, ruining highlights, especially with white subjects, but nature photographer Nancy Elwood nails it in this 100% still frame. Imagine an palette of shades of white, ghost white, smoke white etc… to identically recreate this photo, that’s a lot of shades of white.

Published on 3-11-18

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