Editor’s Choice: Man O’ War, Rhino & Deer Caught Our Attention This Week

Portuguese Man O' War
Photo Copyright: Kevin Sacket

Portuguese Man O' War by Kevin Sacket

Nature Photographer Kevin Sacket presents a feared creature that no one would want to touch, because of its extremely painful sting, in a peaceful way.

The sun in the distance pushes the Portuguese Man O’ War to the forefront and highlighted with just the right amount of light.

The composition in this photo is beautifully executed.

White Rhinoceros
Photo Copyright: Anita V D Merwe

White Rhinoceros With Hitch-A-Ride Bird

We found this photo of a White Rhino and bird both comical and sad. The bird trying to hitch-a-ride on its back is visually funny but with the recent news of the worlds last northern male white rhino sick, we were saddenned.

Nature Photographer Anita V D Merwe captures the peacefulness of the powerful Rhinoceros under beautiful warm light. The bird doesn’t have a worry in the world but sure looks like it needs a ride.

Mule Dee
Photo Copyright: Connie Sanders‎

Mule Deer With Personality

We never thought a deer saw people as a meal. This Mule Deer, photographed by Nature Photographer Connie Sanders, has some serious personality.

A big part of Nature Photography is clicking the shutter button at the right moment. Still moments turn ordinary subjects into Stars and she definitely made this young fella one with this capture.

Published on 3/5/18

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