Opossum Nature Story in 5 Photos

Opossum and Humankind

by Rafael De Armas – on 3/3/18

Today wasn’t an ordinary day, it was filled with a sense of a calling, so-to-speak. I spent the most part of the evening fighting myself to stay at Hampton Park, because I already had a decent day, but I felt something telling me “push yourself harder.”

Dusk approached and my body was physically done and as I walked my path home, I noticed a group of people holding their cameras toward a lady, with a box in her hand. My curiosity lead me to head on over and see what was happening. The lady was letting out an Opossum.

I asked, “is that your pet?” She said, “no, it was hit by a car and it’s now healed so we’re letting it go. It’s originally from this park.” I then informed her what NatureGraphy was and if it was okay for me to tell this story.

The photographer in me went to work. I wanted to capture its emotions, having survived death. I overheard her say, “it’s sad that people consider them rodents.” I couldn’t agree more.

I watched as it explored and looked up in thanks to be home again but it sensed they were leaving. The people who had shown him love and care like no other human before, were letting him go free. Sadness fell over him right before my eyes.

As they walked off, his sadness deepened, finally turning to me, as if asking me to tell his story. To tell the world he’s not a worthless rodent but a living being with emotions.

I stood with him a bit longer watching a hint of tears befall his eyes, while my heart broke. I spoke with him and I said, “everything will be alright buddy.” At that very moment, normality came over us both and I came home to tell you his story and he went on.

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