Our Wildlife Photography Contest Winners on (1/23/18-2/13/18) are…

This year is a special year for NatureGraphy because we’ve finally completed our nature community, to complement our nature photography publishing platform.

In celebration, we’ve hosted two back-to-back Wildlife Photography cash prize contests. As always, here at NatureGraphy, everyone that participates is a winner, by sharing the love for the natural world with others.

But, there can only be one victor, when it comes to the top prize.

Our first Wildlife Photography contest winner, a longtime member and regular participator, Nature Photographer Laurie Clayton, won the $50 cash prize and Elite community title badge (soon to be released), with her Pelican Choir nature photo.


Copyright: Laurie Clayton

Here’s what she said about her winning capture:

The Pelican Choir…..Group of pelicans at sunset on Mill Creek near Walla Walla, WA in July 2017. The leader of the choir seems to be performing his solo. The pelicans are only here for a few months each year and such as treat to find them when they arrive and watch their behaviors. This was shot after their last swim of the evening when all were preening and getting ready to settle for the night with just enough sunlight remaining to add a spotlight to the soloist in the pelican choir.

Photography is all about that still moment, captured in time. Add in nature’s precious rare events and it becomes a priceless moment. Congratulations in achieving it Laurie. :)

We hosted a second Wildlife Photography contest and even with a low turnout, every submission was nearly equally stunning, making it very difficult in selecting a winner. We had to go back to the drawing board, the Contest Guidelines

Not only did our second winner nail the guidelines, the photo was a “right place, right time,” perfect settings situation.

Nature Photographer Karen Griggs Winchester, captured a perfect still of a Great Horned Owl, taking off, aimed almost directly towards her position. It’s an action packed, magical moment. You either need great reflexes or mastered patience for a high-level capture, such as hers.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

Finding a Great Horned Owl nest is amazing!! Photographing the owlets and the adults are a thrill! I stood waiting for almost 2 hours for this Great Horned (mom) to fly back to the nest. I would of gladly waited longer to see, let alone capture such an amazing bird!

So that settles it, Karen has masterful patience. Congratulations on winning the cash prize and gaining an Elite community badge (soon to be released). :)

For the first two contests, we followed our traditional methods in selecting winners, according to our Contest Guidelines. Going forward, our new community voting system will choose winners.

Our third Wildlife Photography contest will soon be announced. So, make sure to register, to submit your entry and invite your friends to vote for you.

Congratulate the winners by leaving a comment and sharing this publication with your friends, using the options below.

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