Great Grey Owl by Stuart A. McKay (Best Photo of the Week) Ending 11/5/17

Photo Copyright: Stuart A. McKay

Owls are magnificent to see out in the wild and thrilling to photograph, especially in flight. Photographer Stuart A. McKay managed to capture a beautiful female Great Grey Owl from Manitoba, Canada.

Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owl by Stuart A. McKay

Here’s what he had to say about the experience,

I spent close to an hour quietly observing and photographing this magnificent Great Grey (probable female) as she went about her task of hunting for meadow voles.This image depicts her as she is locking on to a potential meal hidden beneath layers of snow covering the forest floor.

In this particular instance, she was unsuccessful, however, not discouraged. Eventually I witnessed her making as successful kill, as the cycle of life and death continues in the beautiful Canadian Boreal Forest.

Congratulations Stuart A. McKay for winning this weeks Best Photo and thank you for sharing a piece of your wildlife adventure with the world.

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