Eastern Painted Turtles by Russ Heim (Best Photo of the Week) – 10-29-17

Photo Copyright: Russ Heim

It’s difficult enough to capture one wild turtle but five, you need to be far away not to startle one of the most jumpy animals out there. Ever walk alongside a lake or pond and hear something jump in the water but can’t see what it was? Usually there’s two possiblities, a frog or turtle. Photographer Russ Heim managed to capture five Eastern Painted Turtles resting together on a log, while kayaking in Virginia.

Did you know that when winter nears its end Painted Turtles bask in the sun, indicating spring is around the corner?

5 Eastern Painted Turtles by Russ Heim

Congratulations Russ Heim for being NatureGraphy’s winner of this week’s Best Photo.

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