Old Red Fox by Sue Sharpe

Photo Copyright: Sue Sharpe

For the most part, nature is beauty but at times nature can invoke both beauty and sadness.

Photographer Sue Sharpe presents a harsh but inspiring reality through the capture of an old Red Fox, from Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

Old Red Fox

Old Red Fox by Sue Sharpe

Sue Sharpe states about the photo that:

This is another photo of this very old red fox. He was taking advantage of the early morning sunshine and laid down in a clearing to soak up some warmth. Having only four teeth left in his bottom jaw and walking on arthritic hips with quite a limp, I can’t imagine getting through the coming winter will be easy….taken October 12, 2017.

The winter cold can be burdensome on aging bones and prey are scarce. We at NatureGraphy are wishing the best for the Red Fox. It has made it this far in life and that’s the beauty in the capture.

Congratulations Sue Sharpe for sharing with the world this magnificent capture of an old Red Fox and your win in getting selected this week’s best photo, ending 10-22-17.

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