Mount Katahdin by Ross Knowlton (Best Photo of the Week) – Ending 10-08-17

Photo by: Ross Knowlton

Some nature photos look like they can only come from our dreams and nature photographer Ross Knowlton’s photo, of Mount Katahdin (The Greatest Mountain), can be the epitome of that feeling.

The purplish gradient look, with a water reflection against fog, is a result of the photo captured during sunrise. Photographer Ross Knowltons states,

Another misty sunrise with Katahdin from a few days ago,

as a caption to this photo, posted to the NatureGraphy group.

Mount Katahdin

Another misty sunrise with Katahdin from a few days ago, by Ross Knowlton

Congratulations on getting this beautiful photo selected as Best Photo of the Week, ending 10-08-17.

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