Fall Nature Photography Contest Winner is Randy Jacobs

Photo by: Randy Jacobs

NatureGraphy’s nature photography Fall Contest winner is Randy Jacobs and his photograph of a yearling doe, resting on fall leaves.

The fall equinox is a highly anticipated season for most nature photographers. The winds bring a new scent and the birds sing a different tune. The migration of new creatures and the natural changes to sceneries bring forth new adventurous opportunities.

Congratulations, Randy, you magnificently captured the beginning of the new fall season and the coming of age of this beautiful yearling doe.

Yearling doe resting on the Fall leaves

Yearling doe resting on the Fall leaves – by Randy Jacobs

Tell Your Nature Story

NatureGraphy asked Nature Photographer Randy Jacobs to share with us his nature story.

When I was growing up in the city, in Michigan, I enjoyed my trips up north; seeing and experiencing nature and all it had to offer. My love and passion for nature photography was a way I could enjoy what I had seen and places I had visited, when I was back in the city. My favorite type of nature photography is without a doubt the animals that inhabit the woods. They can be very challenging to photograph, so you have to be prepared at all times for that special shot. The best part of nature is just being able to be out there photographing it. Some people never get to experience all that nature is. Sadly, nature is threatened by the urban sprawl by turning what was once woods and fields, were deer and other animals inhabit, into sub-divisions and apartment complexes. When this happens, the animals are forced into smaller areas and often wind up killed on the side of a road.

Behind the Photo

Randy Jacobs shares with us the highlights of the day he took his yearling doe photograph.

The photo I had taken of, “Deer enjoying fall leaves,” was a beautiful fall day with the sun illuminating the leaves in the maple trees. I was driving to the park, where I hike and photograph, when I saw several does walking by the trees. I parked away from them and grabbed my camera. I stood a ways away from them and waited for one to get under the trees. She posed and I took the photo.

Final Thoughts

Most nature photographers have great aspirations. We asked Randy Jacobs, what were his plans and ambitions for the future?

The future I see for myself in the way of photography is the day I retire from my job, I will be outside every day I can, enjoying  my love and passion of photography. NatureGraphy and all the fantastic photographers here are an inspiration to me. Photography to everyone that picks up a camera, is a story we tell about ourselves. There are no bad photographs, in my opinion. We tell a story through our own eyes and to me that is the real beauty of photography. So pick up your cameras and tell your nature story.

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