Battle of the Styles (Nature Photography Contest)

Every photographer, over the course of their career, falls into a style of shooting their subjects. It can be close-ups (Micro), blacked backgrounds (Vignette), action, portraits, landscapes, vibrancy, black and white etc. It’s their focus, the way of shooting that their fans recognize them for.

You’re style would be the manner or focus in which you like to capture your subjects. Photographers can have the same style ex… A colorful/vibrant/contrasty view, verses a natural duplicate view of a scenery. Or a portrait view with blurred background verses a portrait view with a blacken background. The important part is that all three submissions follow the same style pattern.

You can have many styles but just choose one for this contest.

In the NatureGraphy Group, we’ve come to know several photographers’ styles and here are a few examples:

Gannet Bempton Cliffs
Gannet Bempton Cliffs portrait by Russ Bridges

Nature Photographer Russ Bridges has been with NatureGraphy for a long while, becoming the first photographer to make it into the Elite Club. He has captivated group members with his beautiful portraits time after time. When Russ shares a photo, you know it’s him, pretty much immediately, because of his developed skill on how he composites his portraits.

Morgantown Sunset
Morgantown Sunset, West Virginia by John Sanders

Nature Photographer John Sanders has fought his way to recognition, all the while, improving along the way as a group member. We know and recognize a Sanders photo by its color vibrancy and sun-ray play. He shows us all that improvement comes from not giving up and consistency.

NatureGraphy is bringing members of all skill levels together in our “Battle of the Styles,” nature photography contest, to push that creative edge even further. This contest isn’t about being a professional, it’s about that passion rising from the heart and out the eyes.

The winner of “Battle of the Styles” will receive a custom NatureGraphy T-shirt with their name and title: Battle King or Queen on it, depending what gender wins.

Prize Example:

Official NatureGraphy Battle King T-Shirt Design
Official NatureGraphy Battle King T-Shirt Design (Note: Winner’s name will replace Rafael De Armas)

Battle of the Styles Contest Rules:

  1. All entries must be new photos captured after the announcement of this contest. No old photos.
  2. Post 3 photos in one post to showcase your style. All 3 photos must maintain the same style.
  3. Only one post per photographer.
  4. Important: Post must contain hashtag #BattleStyle to qualify.
  5. You must write a short paragraph in your post entry explaining your style.
  6. Group Rules and Content Guidelines apply.

Start & End Dates:

Contest Starts Monday, October 16, 2017 and Ends Monday, October 30, 2017. All entries must be entered into the group as a post by October 30, 2017 11:59 PM EST.

Winner will be announced Sunday, November 5, 2017. Prize will be sent by Monday, November 13, 2017.

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