Cinnamon Black Bear Stare by Martyn Green (Best Photo of the Week) – 9/30/17

Photo by: Martyn Green

That moment, every nature photographer out in the field has at least once, in their lifetime; a stare down with a mighty predator. In this situation it was the Cinnamon Black Bear.

It gave Mr. Green a stare that would send chills down the back of the most bravest men and women in the world. In his photo caption, in the NatureGraphy Group, photographer Martyn Green states,

Don’t turn, Don’t run, Don’t breathe, just walk slowly backwards! – Martyn Green

An inexperienced photographer would be hard pressed to remain relaxed and just walk backwards, but he is right. Sudden moments will entice the predator to pounce on its prey.

Brown Bear Stare

Cinnamon Black Bear Stare by Martyn Green

Martyn we are very glad that you made it out alive to share this magnificent capture with us all. Congratulations on winning Best Photo of the Week.

Note: This post was updated to correct a species misclassification, from Brown Bear to Cinnamon Black Bear.

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