Editing photos on mobile like the pros with these 3 apps

Want to touch up your Raw nature photo files but don’t have the time to sit behind your desktop or laptop?

There are several apps developed for mobile that can take your photography to the next level. Photographers use top names like Adobe Lightroom when it comes to editing their Raw files and most of that software is only available for desktop computers and cost a lot of money to use.

In this article, we share with you our top three mobile apps for Android, with professional photo editing tools and the good news is, two are completely free.

First, lets take a look at a quick example of how mobile editing can professionally transform your photos.

Before mobile editing (Photo Credit: Rafael De Armas)

After mobile editing (Photo Credit: Rafael De Armas)

The second photo was edited using Snapseed. Technology has brought mobile devices to desktop capabilities, with easy one tap tools, that can bring your photos to life. These mobile programs/apps also provide more advanced professional tools that help you create your envisioned masterpiece.

So, what mobile apps can edit photos at professional levels? Here’s a list of NatureGraphy’s top 3 apps for mobile devices:

Adobe Photoshop Express

With its latest update, that tacked on many new features, Photoshop Express can edit photos at near professional levels. Also, with its catalog of free presets, editing photos are now easy and fast.


Snapseed is avaible from Google and it can compete with top of the line desktop photo editing software. Snapseed also provides presets but not as many as Photoshop Express.

Photo Mate 3

Our personal favorite and unmatched by any other photo editor currently available for mobile. Photo Mate isn’t free software, you’ll have to buy it to take advantage of its many features and tools and it’s currently available for $7.99 USD on the app store.

Know of any other apps that are great to edit photos? Share them in the comment section below.

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