Can We Still Love Nature After What Hurricane Harvey Did?

On August 25, 2017, a category 3 hurricane named Harvey made landfall in the United States of America, devastating some areas of Texas.

This is a true story about a Nature Photographer named Ana R. Love (A member of the NatureGraphy Group on Facebook) and the devastation nature left behind in Hitchcock, Texas.


Photo showing hurricane Harvey flooding Ana R. Love’s home in Texas Credit: Ana R. Love

Before The Storm

Ana’s interest in nature and photography started at an early age, looking at magazines like National Geographic, wondering how the pictures of wildlife and landscapes were taken so clear. When she became older, taking pictures of her children experiencing the outdoors became a passion.

Then one day, while visiting the Houston Zoo with her Nikon P510, Ana captured her children feeding a squirrel and her husband took photos of her, coming together around Nature Photography (NatureGraphy). During her first cross-country trip, landscape photography became her true love of the art.

For Ana, photography is about the moment, wanting to show the world what her eyes see.

The Coming Storm

Hurricane Harvey approached the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall in Corpus Christi. Ana and her family had an entire day with no rain and very little wind in Hitchcock, Texas, setting the illusion that her area wasn’t in danger, then came midnight. While Ana slept, her daughter woke her father up, afraid because water started to leak into her room.

Harvey flooding inside the house

Harvey flooding inside the house. Credit: Ana R. Love

At that very moment, Harvey came like “a thief in the night.” The family attempted to move items out of the room but by the time they finished it was too late. Water came pouring into the kitchen and master bed room. It took one hour for the entire house to be flooded with a foot of water.

Harvey rising flood waters.

Harvey rising flood waters. Credit: Ana R. Love

The family grabbed clothes and their animals and went for higher ground but Harvey was intense, never letting up. The water rose to 4 feet very quickly.

Harvey flooding inside the house. #2

Harvey flooding inside the house. #2 Credit: Ana R. Love

Her husband shut the power down to the house and they made their way through several feet of water, toward their SUV, which was parked on Highway 6.

Ana R. Love's family makes it to their vehicle during Harvey storm.

Ana R. Love’s family makes it to their vehicle during Harvey storm. Credit: Ana R. Love

After The Storm

On the third day, Ana slept on the floor of her house, after the water subsided, using one hand to hold the entrance door because she feared the water would come pouring in again.

Ana's emotional moment after Hurricane Harvey floods her entire home.

Ana’s emotional moment after Hurricane Harvey floods her entire home. Credit: Ana R. Love

Harvey destroyed everything they owned. They’ve spent a few days with relatives and a few nights at hotels but she and her family are struggling because of lack of work.

Nature is beautiful but yet furious, leaving us powerless toward its might, embedding memories of terror and if we’re lucky to survive, a humbling feeling of gratefulness.

Though, Harvey destroyed everything Ana and her family worked so hard for, leaving her home to be repaired, they struggle to keep a roof over their heads. Ana keeps her head up, at times not wanting to in despair.

Items destroyed by hurricane Harvey

Items destroyed by hurricane Harvey. Credit: Ana R. Love

The question we all most ask ourselves, envisioning going through an ordeal like this is: Can we still love nature after what Hurricane Harvey did?

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Written by Nature Photographer Rafael De Armas

Edited by Stephanie De Armas

This was a collaborating effort by NatureGraphy and group member Ana R. Love.

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8 thoughts on “Can We Still Love Nature After What Hurricane Harvey Did?
  1. I still love Nature. To greater extent we have been mistreating Nature and I do not believe in revenge. I do not believe Nature took revenge either.. Nature turned ill from the malice we mostly occurred to it.
    Wasn’t there any natural calamity before humans existed or before humans started to act irresponsibly towards nature? Sure there was. Still, that does not justify what we do to the nature nor how badly we approach our fellow humans. It’s better we continue to love our Nature and all creations including humans ❤ and express the love through our actions 🙂

  2. We, the human race, don’t treat nature very well either. Sometimes I wonder if these natural disasters are natures way of letting us know just that. Even though it has been a horrible experience, a lot of good came out of it. Watching people in this event, doing there best to help one another no matter the color of their skin, was in itself, something that nature did to bring us together when we ourselves couldn’t do it. Tough, but a good lesson. There is a lot to do to get things back to normal, so let us all keep doing what we need to do to help one another.

  3. We love our children but we don’t always love what they do. Do we stop loving them? No, we are disappointed in what they did but still love them. The same with Nature! We love Nature, but not always the things she does. Carry on, Ana, the best you and your famiiy can, and still capture nature, even when she isn’t at her best. Better scenes and days will come. We are do sorry for your losses and grief because of Harvey.

  4. I will always love nature in every single way, even at its most destructive days. I love rain, I love storms and thunderstorms, I will never EVER stop enjoying the othdoor. I respect mother nature’s fury but I’m absolutely in love with it. Once I’m back on my feet I will never take any day for granted and I will start taking photos of everything that captures my attention.

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