BE Life Magazine Sponsored Front Cover Contest-Win up to $500

Enter your photos for Top Photo AND a CHANCE to win a front cover showcase and Up to $500 for your Nature Photographers Group photo!

This contest is sponsored by Bear Essential Life’s Be Life Magazine, give them a big thanks by liking their Facebook Page.

*IMPORTANT “Front cover quality wildlife and scenery” or “Summer Unique Photo” Summer issue Cover contest. Wildlife Mama’s with summer babies, Summer Wildlife Family groupings, or unique summer.

*Duration of contest: 1 week for summer issue.

BE Life Sponsorships: **(Prize increases based on the bonus of being a BE Life Subscriber at point of photo submission (only $26 paid online at Bear Essential Life Subscription NOT a requirement to enter contest)**
1) Guaranteed prize for Top photo is $50. May be used on front cover of BE Life Magazine.

2) If the Top Photograph, by a BE Life Subscriber, is NOT chosen for the cover spot the prize is $250 – We have rights to use (but not on cover).

3) If the Top Photograph, by a BE Life Subscriber, IS also chosen as the COVER photo, the prize is $500 – We have rights to publish on the BE Life Magazine cover.

4) All photographers of Cover photos will be interviewed to supply information (the back story) for the “Front Cover Focus” section of the issue

5) Top Photos are subject to decisions made by the panel, but BE Life Editors have final choice of Front Cover photo picks.

6) Front cover photos will have criteria to meet in order to be chosen for publication. Watch for instructions posted on site.

7) Photos submitted for cover spot must have higher resolution than online version available to be published (2-8 MB). Winners will submit high resolution photos to Nature Photographers Group Editors who will forward the cash reward to photographer and the photo to BE Life Magazine.

8) BE Life Magazine will never publish or use any photos without direct permission from the photographer. All photos used with permission will include photo credit. By winning Top photo and the sponsorship prize, you have been paid by BE Life for the rights to use your photo on cover or in magazine (with photo credit) at anytime, or in any online or print marketing.

9) Submit your photo in the comment section of the Nature Photographers Group’s Pinned Post.

10) Submit up to 3 photos and add hashtag #Summertime to your comment with photo attached.

Photo Copyright: Jerry Coyle


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