My Great Blue Heron Adventure Continues

I went out early to follow the Great Blue Heron as usual, but this time I was in for a treat. I captured a moment I will never forget and I hope you don’t either.

Great Blue Heron walking on tree branch

Great Blue Heron walking on tree branch

The adult Heron was a bit late to check up on its baby. I walked by the lake when she flew in about ten feet from me. Once again, I went unnoticed because of my camouflage. I immediately noticed something different about the Heron, it was injured on the right wing. It must have been attacked by something large, because it had a big wound on the top of its wing. After taking a few photographs, I realized it was fine, when it flew off gracefully to attend to its baby waiting for food.

I ran quickly to catch some photos of it landing so high in the tree, when I was presented with something much more beautiful.

Great Blue Heron landing on nest

Great Blue Heron landing on nest

It climbed onto the nest with pride, like any other parent coming home with a pay check. That’s when the magic happened, it started feeding its baby. The two locked beaks and I noticed the baby’s wings weren’t fully developed yet, flapping around as it ate.

Afterwards, the adult walked close to the edge of the tree branch to clean itself.

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