Great Blue Heron Adventure

My Great Blue Heron adventure started on June 30th, 2014. An employee at the hotel I was staying noticed I was a nature photographer. He mentioned that it was early in the year, but a Heron laid an egg and showed me the nest. Immediately I fell in love with it. At first glance, I knew its entire existence was dedicated to what it laid on. It choose a high spot on a tree with two or three branches. I thought to myself, “that’s an odd spot to lay an egg.” I’ve already been at the hotel a week or so, to know large Hawks prey on small animals in the area.

Great Blue Heron Flying

Great Blue Heron flying over water

A few days later, I saw it from afar by the lake hunting for fish. Still it didn’t impress me. I took a few photos not noticing how tall it was, until the next day when I accidentally walked next to it. It was big and powerful, no hawk has a chance when this bird is caring for its young. I wear camouflage gear for these very moments, to go barely noticed three feet from the animal I’m photographing.

A week later the egg hatched. The adult Heron would leave right before sunset, to bring something to eat to the baby Heron when it wakes. From afar, I can hear the young Heron calling for the parent, it’s very hungry.

Baby Great Blue Heron

Baby Great Blue Heron standing on edge of nest

By now, another week has passed and I could barely get a look at it, until it leaped on the edge of its nest today. Obviously you can tell it’s eating very well because the care it receives.

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