Glory In Every Animal

Every animal has a moment of glory, no matter how big or small, common or rare. As a nature photographer you must capture that moment that magnifies the animal’s beauty. I can’t stress this enough, timing is everything when photographing wildlife.

Wild animals don’t give you retries, they don’t wait until you’re ready. One minute they’re there, next minute they fly, swim or run off. That’s the nature of photographing nature. It’s good to watch your subject to get a feel of its most beautiful postures and behaviors, but remember to take the shot when it presents itself.

The bird above was pretty common at the park I visited. I don’t know the exact name but I’m guessing it’s part of the vulture family of birds. They love to fight each other over food. I couldn’t find a moment of peace among them. They mostly ran from the people walking by them at the park.

I finally found one on a tree branch, relaxed, observing the others fight. I watched it closely for a few minutes, until it lifted its head and kind of poked its chest out.

I finally got the glory moment I wanted, I saw confidence in the bird for the first time and took the shot. My original Black Bird photograph can be purchased for print, blogs, magazines and literature on High Quality Nature Photos.

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