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NatureGraphy brings nature enthusiasts and photographers together through nature photography, building a nature-loving worldwide online community.

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Visit the nature community and create a new topic in any related forum. Looking to share a nature photo? Use any of the photography forums.


You can learn tips, ask questions and share your own nature photos with an opportunity to get published.

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Find out what nature is in your area with our community built worldwide map powered by Google.


Share your nature photo in our cash prize contests, prizes are paid instantly through Paypal.

A Team of Nature & Photography Lovers

Cynthia Clayton

Cynthia Clayton


I was into nature from my childhood. I spent most of my days roaming on our farm.

Dannie Brown

Dannie Brown


I use my passion for nature & photography to bring awareness to conservation efforts.

Rich Soby

Rich Soby


Growing up in small town in Massachusetts I was surrounded by woods and farm land.

Jim Caris

Jim Caris


I grew up in Central Pennsylvania and I have always loved nature.


“Well I would like to thank this groups admin and members for giving me recognition on my polar bear photo as a result, the shot has just been published in the Daily Mirror. UK national newspaper. Thank you!”

Russ Bridges, United Kingdom

“NatureGraphy, I can’t imagine the time and effort these admins put into maintaining a professional, nice looking site. The hours alone put into organizing contests is crazy!”

Tara-Lynn Barks‎, BeLifeMag.com

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